Forster Laser Skirmish

Your mission should you accept it is to battle it out with rival players, but what will the next turn reveal; friend or foe?

Laser Skirmish players manoeuvre through the underworld, with mazes, dark tunnels and ramps. Your mission is to battle it out with rival players. Get too close and you’ll be under enemy attack. Smoke screens and integrated lighting add another element of surprise. Use the walls, obstacles and multi-level vantage points for attack or to take defence. What will the next corner reveal; friend… or foe?

  • Co-located with Forster Ten Pin Bowling
  • Interactive 160 square metre battleground
  • Caters for groups of up to 16 players
  • Full mission briefing, advanced laser weapons, timed battle skirmishes, personalised scoring and team rankings
  • Perfect for ages 6 and above
  • Action packed children’s birthday parties
  • Team building challenges
  • Adrenalin pumping group battles
  • How to find us: Located at the rear of the Forster Bowling Club, 2 Strand Street Forster