Do you like ten pin a lot? Why not become a League Bowler at Forster Tenpin Centre!

There are many benefits of becoming a league bowler such as:

  • $4.60 league practice games
  • Fun and prizes each week
  • End of season party and presentation
  • Courtesy bus services available from 4:00pm
  • Meet new friends and have a great time too
  • FREE coaching
  • Pre or post bowling if you can’t make it

To sign up for a league please phone (02) 6557 6800 or come into Forster Tenpin Centre at Townsend Street, Forster. You can join as a team or individually!

League Bowling Times

Leisure Times 1:00pm 2 games $8.50
Business House Challenge 7:00pm 3 games $15.00
Sunshine 9:30am 3 games $15.50
Have a Ball (Junior) 4:30pm 2 games $10.00
All Saints Doubles 7:00pm 3 games $20.00
Chipmunks Younger Group 4:00pm 1 game $6.50
Chipmunks Older Group 4:00pm 1 game $6.50
Wicked On Wednesday 4:00pm 1 game $6.50
Forster Travel Club 4:00pm 1 game $6.50
Leisure Times 1:00pm 2 games $11.50
Fun Club 6:30pm 2 games $12.00
Dinosaurs (Bumper) 4:15pm 1 game $5.50